Dagan Davis


Sales/Marketing Services

From building a sales team and implementing sales systems to launching a new marketing campaign or scaling out whats already working, we have solutions to help.

Business Coaching

Whether you're someone who has never ran a business before like I was, or have years of experience we can offer business coaching to help you achieve your dreams.


Looking to bring in a seasoned professional with a diverse background to solve your business' problems or help you grow? Reach out to our team to see if you would be a fit.


Dagan Davis is a multifaceted entrepreneur, business coach, and marketing expert with a diverse background that includes military service, business coaching, marketing consulting, and sales expertise. As a former Navy Corpsman, Davis gained valuable skills in discipline, teamwork, and resilience, which have informed his approach to entrepreneurship and leadership.

After his military service, Davis transitioned into the world of business, where he has excelled as a business coach, marketing consultant, and sales expert. Leveraging his military training and entrepreneurial spirit, he founded his own coaching and consulting firm, where he helps aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of starting and scaling their businesses.

Davis's coaching programs are designed to empower individuals to achieve their full potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve success in the competitive world of business. Through personalized guidance, practical advice, and proven strategies, he helps his clients develop the skills and mindset needed to thrive in today's fast-paced marketplace.

In addition to his coaching services, Davis also offers marketing consulting and sales expertise to help businesses drive growth, increase revenue, and build lasting relationships with customers. With a deep understanding of consumer behavior, market dynamics, and the power of persuasion, he helps businesses develop effective marketing and sales strategies that deliver tangible results.

Overall, Dagan Davis is a dynamic entrepreneur and mentor who is passionate about helping others achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. Through his coaching, consulting, and sales services, he empowers individuals to reach their full potential and create successful businesses that make a positive impact in the world.